ROKOSZ Krzysztof

Spoluautoři HRYNIEWICZ Tadeusz, RZADKIEWICZ Sławomir

In the paper, there are presented XPS results of surface layer formed after electrochemical polishing of AISI 304L (EN 1.4307) stainless steel at high current density of 2000 A/dm2. For the investigation, electrolyte based on orthophosphoric (H3PO4) and sulfuric (H2SO4) acids in proportions 3:2, was used. The obtained results have shown, that high current density has considerably influences the composition of passive layer formed after electrochemical treatment. After High-Current-Density Electropolishing at current density equal to 2000 A/dm2 the chromium compounds to iron compounds ratio, which was obtained, was equal to 3. In the passive layer there were detected chromium compounds on the third oxide stage i.e. chromium oxide Cr2O3 (49.5 at%), chromium hydroxide: CrOOH, Cr(OH)3 (15.3 at%) and chromium phosphates and sulfates: CrPO4, Cr2(SO4)3 (5.7 at%) as well as chromium on the sixth oxide stage (CrO4)2- (5.8 at%).