FRISCHER Robert VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři GARZINOVÁ Romana, ŠVEC Pavel

The paper goal is to familiarize with problems of operative control computing support in steel works. In the introduction, there is characterized operative control from the basic function parts point of view with focus on product scheduling data support and maintenance support. The basic proposal is realization of the operational data acquisition system from the steel works. It act as specific maintenance and technological data, which will represent the key information about operational states and mainly for issue solving support incurred on specific technological places. It is obvious the accuracy of the support model is given not only by the quality, but by the quantity of this data too. It is necessary to create a database so-called “data warehouse”. This database should be not only able to save the data and to search in them, but also should be able to spread. The tool for data conversion from the information system into the data warehouse is a “data pump”. This allows to transform the data from various sources and to save them into a central data warehouse. The data warehouse becomes a powerful part of an expert support, which is on such basis provide production scheduling support and maintenance control. This type of operation control support provides imminent concurrence of all operations in the steel making frame. So the furnace melting, secondary metallurgy processing and processing on the continuous steel casting device.