LEE Jae-Won Pohang institute of metal industry advancement

Spoluautoři YOO Young Ran, SOHN Hong-Kyun, OH Min-Suk, KIM Sang-Heon, JIN Young-Sool

Zinc coated steels are wildly used for the protection of steel structures from corrosion. The Zn coatings alloyed with magnesium significantly improves corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Recently, it has been reported that the Zn coatings alloyed with magnesium show excellent corrosion resistance, however the corrosion mechanism of these coatings has not been cleared yet. In this work, we investigated the corrosion behaviors of Zn-Mg-Al coated steel. The specimens were exposed to cyclic corrosion test and outdoor exposure test, and then the corrosion products of the coatings were analyzed by various techniques. The corrosion product of Zn–Mg-Al coated steel was more stable and dense than that of zinc coated steel. All these results make it clear that magnesium assisted in forming of compact and stable corrosion products and improved corrosion resistance of the Zn-Mg-Al coated steels .