MAREK Ivo Institute of Chemical Technology Prague

Spoluautoři MICHALCOVÁ Alena, VOJTĚCH Dalibor

Metallic nanoparticles are considered as very prospective material due to unique properties and wide range of possible applications. In this work, our attention was focused on preparation of silver nanoparticles by selective leaching of aluminium matrix under various conditions. As an initial material, rapidly solidified binary aluminium alloy AlAg30 (wt. %) prepared by melt-spinning technique was used. Leaching process was carried out in the sodium hydroxide solution and as a result, nanocrystalline silver in the form of very fine powder was obtained. The influence of production conditions such as dissolving temperature, concentration of sodium hydroxide and using ultrasound bath on the morphology, phase composition and dimensions of nanoparticles was studied. The prepared product was investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD). The size of nanoparticles was determined by image analysis of TEM micrographs and from diffraction patterns. It was found that particle size is strongly dependent on leaching temperature and concentration of sodium hydroxide significantly affects the phase composition of the product.