LI Baokuan Northeastern University of China

Spoluautoři QIANG Wang

A mathematical model has been developed to investigate the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD), thermal, and solidified behavior in electroslag remelting process. Based on the finite volume method, a multiphase coupling MHD approach is employed to investigate the droplet formation as well as movement in molten slag under the action of an alternating current. The VOF formulation is adopted for interface tracking. The electrical potential method is adopted for the electric current and magnetic field. The Electromagnetic force and Joule heating are recalculated at each time step and then is implemented in the momentum and energy equations as a source term, respectively. Moreover, solidification of the metal is described by an enthalpy-based formulation, while the mushy zone is treated as a porous medium with porosity equal to the liquid fraction. The model is used to investigate the effect of electrode tip shape on MHD, thermal, and solidified behavior and provide valuable information.