CHEN Hsueh Min National Cheng Kung University

Spoluautoři HWANG Weng-Sing

In the present work, magnetic field and behavior of electrically conducting fluid flow under the influence of the magnetic field are numerically simulated. Two sets of commercial software, ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS FLUENT, are used for the numerical simulations. The former one is for calculating the electromagnetic field and the latter one is for solving the flow field coupled with electromagnetic force. Then the reliability of the numerical models is verified. The validation of the numerical models is achieved by comparing the computed results with the experiments from physical models. And the result of comparison shows good agreement between the predictions and experiments. Finally, the verified models are then used to analyze molten steel flow inside thin slab continuous casting mold. The difference between the flow field with EMBR and without EMBR is discussed. The results show that applying EMBR is able to cause a great effect on the flow field. The velocity of the fluid flow is slowed down and the swirls at the lower half of the mold are suppressed which causes a more uniform flow in the mold.