WYSLOCKA Elzbieta Czestochowa University of Technology

Spoluautoři JELONEK Dorota, NOWAKOWSKA-GRUNT Joanna

The rapid development of technology also causes the substitution of production factors and the material and labor consuming products by the areas of production based on modern knowledge and characterized by the use of computerization and automation, and low energy costs. The global financial crisis that affected the world economy in recent years also had a significant impact on the foundry industry. Polish foundries in order to stay in business and compete effectively not only with the European but first of all Asian foundry products, have to seek new organizational solutions to reduce costs and improve technological processes so that the quality of manufactured products is getting better and product offer is growing wider. In the article, based on the situation in the world, European and Polish foundry, the actions of one of the Polish foundry are presented, which have been taken in response to changes in the environment. By means of partly targeted interview information on the actions undertaken by Polish iron foundry in order to improve the competitiveness of products and reduce operating costs were obtained. Moreover, the applied technological solutions are presented together with an analysis of their impact on the financial condition of the tested foundry. In conclusion, it was pointed out that the crisis could become a contribution to the success of the company by taking advantage of the possibility of reconstruction and realization of fundamental qualitative changes, as well as in management processes.