SOUKUP Jindřich University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice

Spoluautoři HOMOLKOVÁ Monika, BŘEZINA Víťezslav, CÍSAŘ Petr

All the new material used in medicine (for example dental implants) has to be properly tested and certified before they can be used for real humans. The test should prove if the material is nontoxic to human body and if human body will be compatible with the material. Clinical tests of the material can be very expensive and time consuming. Therefore some preliminary test of the cytotoxicity of the material is needed. Several standardized methods for cytotoxicity tests exist. These methods are based on the analysis of interaction between tissue culture and material using light microscopy. The cell growth analysis in the leachate of the material or in the contact with the border of the material is used. The main disadvantage of these methods is that they cannot analyze the direct interaction of the cell on the surface of material. The cell behavior on material surface can vary from the cell behavior just near to the material. We developed novel method for determination of cytotoxicity level of the new material. This method is able to analyze cell behavior in direct contact with the surface of the material. The method is complex and combines the method of cell cultivation on the surface of material and semiautomatic methods for microscopy image analysis. It is based on the three generation of cell cultivation on material surface. The cells are stained to be visible in the microscope. Semiautomatic image processing method is used to estimate the area covered by cells and determine cytotoxicity level.