KOVÁŘ Ladislav VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Physical simulation of complicated phenomena in fluid mechanics is still widely used. Together with mathematical modeling it provides the necessary knowledge and information about the studied problems and thus significantly contributes to solving of design- engineering tasks . This paper is related to efforts to increase the intensity of energy, mass and momentum transfer in the metal and the slag melt bath or homogenisation and agitation improvement in steelmaking furnaces (ladles). This can be achieved by argon blowing by suitably located (bottom) blowing blocks, which blow gas under bath level, or lances (nozzles) that guide the flow of flowing gas on the surface of the melt. Measurements and experiments on a physical models provides valuable information for the realization of this intention. Physical model equipped by measuring and evaluation system allows to analyze the properties of the flow fields generated in the model melt. From the results obtained from the model measurement it is possible to deduce the behavior of the melt in the process of argon blowing by different types of tuyeres and also in time of combined argon and refining oxygen blowing in the real situation.