SOBOTKA Jiří Technical University of Liberec

Spoluautoři SOLFRONK Pavel, KOLNEROVÁ Michaela, ZUZÁNEK Lukáš

Problems of different lubricant types and their properties represent the very important parameter to successful manage production in automotive industry. Such reality is mainly important at production of press-shop itself as one part from the production chain. Lubricant itself here influences almost all aspects of stamping production. Its influence in mainly important for tribological system material – tool – machine, but it also contains tribological aspect or e.g. problem with zinc layer coating. There are many of different technical parameters of lubricants (temperature parameters, types of lubricants,…) and there are also many tests for determination suitability of relevant lubricant fro given material (mostly tribological tests). Nevertheless there are also other tests of lubricants and one of them is so-called drop test. Such test can be shortly described as testing of drop creation (and its falling down) at vertical position of sample in closed chamber during given time. However, such test can be also used for determination “topography” of sample. This can be carry out by measurement amount of lubricant in given points, 3D evaluation of these values and creation the certain topographic map describing amount of lubricant distribution on sample after drop test. From these 3D graphs can be observe e.g. “drop” tendency of tested lubricant at given conditions (mainly time and temperature), shape of these waves just before the loser edge namely also in the cases where was not observe fall of drop and also e.g. change in amount of lubricant distribution from the initial condition (mostly 3 g∙m-2).