ULEWICZ Robert Czestochowa University of Technology

Spoluautoři SZATANIAK Paweł, NOVY Frantisek

In the automotive industry about 60% of mass of the car continue to represent structural elements, formed of steel plates of increasing strength while maintaining good plastic characteristics and susceptibility to stamping. Constructors seek to reduce the mass of cars and semi-trailers and it is possible through the use of fine-grained steel. An important factor that guarantees safety of use is the knowledge about safe operation life. In order to answer to this question are needed relevant studies including fatigue tests. The article presents the results of fatigue tests in the range of low and high cyclic of fine-grained steel on example of Hardox steel 400 and 450. There was discussed influence of grain size on the fatigue curve course. Obtained results of fine-grained steel were compared with the results of fatigue tests of steel S355J2.