LAZAR Ramona-Mihaela Politehnica University of Timisoara

Spoluautoři MELCIOIU Georgiana, CODREAN Cosmin, CUTEAN Elena-Simona, SERBAN Viorel-Aurel

In the most majority of the cases, at the electronic components soldered with tin-based alloys was noted the germination and the growth of the whiskers, which have caused damages in all areas. Given the preliminary researches, to mitigate the occurrence of defects in electronic components, has been proposed a new soldering alloy from Sn-Cu-Ag family and a new obtaining technology based on melt spinning method. The solder joints were obtained from the new elaborated alloy and a commercial alloy from Sn-Cu-Ag family, using the reflow and soldering iron methods. The solder joints were structural characterized by optical microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray diffraction. At the solder joints with new alloys it has been observed a reduction of the grain size as well as the proportion of intermetallic compounds.