SMAZALOVÁ Eva University of West Bohemia

Spoluautoři HOUDKOVÁ Šárka, ŠVANTNER Michal

In many research articles dealing with tribological characteristics of sliding couples measured by Block-on-Ring test, the discontinuous course of the test appears in order to evaluate cumulative mass loss during the test. According to the ASTM G-77-05, the wear rate is supposed to be determine after the end of the test without interrupting, by evaluation of volume loss based on the measurements of wear scars geometrical characteristics. The question of the influence of the discontinuity of the test remains usually unanswered. Therefore, this paper studies experimentally the effects of a discontinuous course test on the tribological properties of the material in comparison with continuous course test. Tests were carried out by a Block-on-Ring test according to ASTM G77-05 and according to modified testing methodology with discontinuities, using the tribometer CETR-UMT3 with equal settings of other test parameters. Furthermore, except of usually measured characteristic such as coefficient of friction and wear, the experimental evaluation of temperature characteristics of sample pairs: ring and block is presented in the paper. For determining of the thermal properties, a thermal camera με TIM was used. In these tests was captured the processes and maximum temperatures in the contact area, and the measured results was correlated with the results of friction measurements.