MIŁEK Tomasz Kielce University of Technology

The investigations into the hydromechanical bulge forming involved the use of copper tubes at the relative ratio so/D=0.04 (where so is the wall thickness and D is the tube diameter). The experimental results of bulge forming of axisymmetric components are presented. The paper gives the force waveforms and the pressure changes obtained at relative displacement Dl/l0=0.06 (where Dl displacement, l0 initial length of tube). Both the axial force and liquid pressure increased with an increase in the relative displacement Dl/l0. The maximum value of the force amounted to 83,69kN and the highest value of the pressure was noted (60MPa) at ratio Dl/l0=0.06. The analysis of wall thickness distribution in logitutudinal and cross sections hydromechanically bulged axisymmetric component at ratios s0/D=0.04 and Dl/l0=0.06 was made. The technological parameters (liquid pressure, axial loading) were determined, which may provide guidelines when the method is implemented into production.