KRUCZEK Mariusz Silesian University of Technology

Spoluautoři BURCHART-KOROL Dorota

Significance of water footprint assessment in steel supply chain will be discussed in the paper. Water footprint (WF) is new concept which allows quantification of freshwater appropriation. The main goal of WF is quantifying and mapping of indirect water use in the relevance of involving producers and consumers along chosen supply chain. This helps by sustainable water resource management. Components and phases of water footprint will be presented. Steel supply chain encompasses all those activities needed to design, manufacture and deliver steel. The aim of this paper is to show importance of water footprint in steel supply chain to demonstrate the effect of effective inventory management of water use for higher eco-efficiency of steel supply chain. This paper can help practitioners and decision makers in the steel supply chain field understand their impacts sustainability of water sources and formulate strategies to decrease water footprint.