KLIMCZYK Arkadiusz AGH University of Science and Technology

Spoluautoři BERNASOWSKI Mikolaj, STACHURA Ryszard, LEDZKI Andrzej

Views on the reduction of SiO2 at the blast furnace process began to change in the mid 70s. Nowadays it is claimed that the silicon appears in the metal not only from the slag SiO2 reduction at the liquid phase, but also from a gaseous SiO. Presented in this paper, laboratory tests were aimed on finding the effect of temperature and MgO containing in the slag on the dynamics of the Si transition to the hot metal at the liquid phase at the time when slag lies on metal. Observations of industrial units in combination with laboratory tests allowed to approximately determine the contribution of silicon from the gaseous SiO to Si containing in hot metal. As a result, developed guidelines and proposals for the conduct of blast furnace technology to minimize Si in hot metal.