SOLOMONOV Konstantin Moscow State University of Railway Engineering

Spoluautoři LEZHNEV Sergey

The model of the stress-strain state of flat workpiece under compression its between rigid plates is presented. Its graphical interpretation, containing the basic concepts of the process of plastic forming flat workpiece is given: streamlines, the dividing line of the metal flow, the epure of the contact pressures, etc. For simplification of calculation scheme the concept of conditional contour was introduced. The dependence form of conditional contour from the value of the boundary contact pressures is shown. The parameters of the surface of contact pressures under the condition approximation form of conditional contour of line segments and circular arcs were investigated. The shape of dividing line of the metal flow during deformation of rectangular workpiece with two circular cutouts and round workpiece with a round cutout was defined. "A way of sand mounds", designed to calculate of efforts flat workpiece deformation is considered. Features of compressing stage are briefly described, at which the metal touches the bottom of the die cavity.