SELEJDAK Jacek Czestochowa University of Technology

Spoluautoři ULEWICZ Robert, INGALDI Manuela

The use of working time of a Samp drawing machine has been assessed in the article. It has been evaluated in the process of drawing a steel wire,  = 1,5 mm in diameter, which is applied in civil engineering. A company producing wires has been characterised briefly. The chemical constitution of steel of a drawn wire has been given. In order to evaluate the working time of the analysed drawing machine, the PAMCO times, which were indispensable to calculate the value of PAMCO coefficients, have been determined. On the basis of the conducted analysis, it has been found out that the effective time (ET) of the Stamp drawing machine ranged from 26 hours in the first week of research to 37,5 hours in the eighth week of research. However, the coefficient of the effective utilisation (EU) for the drawing machine reached minimum and maximum values in the same research weeks as the effective time (ET) - 15,48% and 22,32% respectively.