MOHYLA Petr Flash Steel Power, a.s.

Spoluautoři STERNADELOVÁ Kristýna, LINDOVSKÝ Miroslav, VONTOROVÁ Jiřina

This work is a contribution to the research of modified heat resistant steel P92. This steel is currently one of the best modified chromium steels in terms of achieved values of creep rupture strength. The article is focused on microstructure investigation of P92 weld after creep deformation. The microstructure in the as welded condition and after long-term creep exposure (26.000 hours/600 °C) of P92 welds has been investigated and microstructural parameters were determined. Results of intercritical zone of heat affected zone (HAZ) are compared with parameters of parent material, which is not influenced by welding. Very large particles of Laves phase were identified by TEM analyses in welded joint after long-term creep exposure. Results of TEM analyses reveal that intercritical zone is the weakest part of the weld in terms of creep resistance.