REDA Ahmed Zagazig University

Spoluautoři HALFA Hossam

Great efforts were done by many investigators to innovate cobalt free low-nickel maraging steels to replace the costly conventional cobalt high-nickel maraging steels. Cobalt, molybdenum with nickel have great effect on strengthen the produced maraging steel. However, reduce nickel content and elimination the cobalt leads to decrease the designed strength of produced steel. Reducing the nickel content to 12 mass % in cobalt free maraging steels inhibits the transformation of martensite to austenite and overcomes the problem of its over-aging beside it reduces its cost. In innovation trial to produce such kind of steel, reduce the nickel content accompanying with addition of chromium and titanium increase the designed strength and overcome the problem of over-aging which in turn reduces the cost of produced steel. On the other hand there are leakages in published data in shielding properties of new grades of cobalt free low nickel maraging steel. The aim of this work, study the shielding properties of such innovative steel containing chromium and titanium through one of most famous software, MCNP. The shielding properties of experimental chromium and titanium containing maraging steel were compared with the result of standard maraging steel C250 (cobalt containing maraging steel, 18% Ni) under the same experimental conditions.