PECINOVÁ Zuzana University of Pardubice

Spoluautoři LOŠŤÁKOVÁ Hana, BRANSKÁ Lenka

Speed and flexibility of suppliers in meeting the changing demands and preferences of customers definitely contributes to strengthening relationships between suppliers and buyers in B2B markets. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly modernize production, distribution and service equipment and have a flexible manufacturing facility capable of producing high quality products according to specific customer requirements, sufficient capacity of storage space close to customers for the response to special customers' demands, or JIT deliveries, suitable transport means for transporting the products to the customer and modern service facilities. The paper describes the role of the individual elements of technical equipment in strengthening customer relationships and summarizes the results of a quantitative survey among managers of selected chemical fields of business in the Czech Republic focused on mapping of the perception of the benefits and the actual level of technical equipment for strengthening customer relationships and increasing customer loyalty.