Spoluautoři ZHANG Zhenqiang, LEI Zuosheng, REN Zhongming, DING Weizhong

A mercury model has been developed to investigate the influences of Electromagnetic Mold Brake Ruler (EMBr-Ruler) and Flow Control Mold (FC-Mold) on metal flow in continuous casting of slab with the practical casting velocity 1, 1.3 and 2 m/min respectively. The experiment shows that the FC-Mold can efficiently repress the surface flow and its fluctuation. The expanding space of the jets is compressed by EMBr-Ruler and FC-Mold respectively, then the ‘flow passage’ where the vertical velocity of flow increases sharply is developed near the narrow wall with EMBr-Ruler and FC-Mold. It is bad for the development of the plug like flow. Only the nozzle ports are placed in the braking magnetic field region and the casting speed is suitable, EMBr can be beneficial to the formation of the plug like flow. The flow regime is improved by FC-Mold when the casting velocity is high (such as 2.0 m/min), and EMBr can improve the flow field when the casting velocity to be medium (such as 1.3 m/min), but for slow casting velocity (such as 1.0 m/min), the effects of above two types of EMBr are unsatisfactory at all.