HOJNY Marcin AGH University of Science and Technology

Spoluautoři JĘDRZEJCZYK Dariusz, GŁOWACKI Mirosław

The paper deals with three dimensional computer simulation of rolling process of plates with mushy zone. The model became a basis of a computer simulation system of soft reduction process, which is the final phase of continuous casting technology. The presented model focuses on three basic phenomena: mechanical, thermal and density changes, which describe deformation of both solid and semisolid regions of steel slabs. As a result of the authors’ work three models have been developed. The first of them is a mathematical model of temperature evolution at the final stage of solidification. The second, mechanical model allows for the description of plastic flow kinetics in solid and semi-solid regions. The third is a mathematical model allowing the prediction of material density changes during the final stage of material solidification with simultaneous plastic deformation. Density is one of the decisive factors affecting both the temperature changes model and the mechanical model. Its changes, that occur with the progressive transformation of steel aggregation state, is ruled by three main factors: formation of the solid phase due to solidification of the body, thermal shrinkage of solid and liquid phases and displacement of the liquid phase in the matrix of porous solid phase.