MORAVEC Jaromír Technical University of Liberec

Spoluautoři BRADÁČ Josef, BERAN David, NOVÁKOVÁ Iva

By-pass station of steam turbines is a device, used to by-pass steam from boiler to condenser by bypassing a turbine. It is especially used while starting operating conditions of a boiler, before putting a turbine-generator unit in service, or in the cases when the amount of stem produced in boiler is higher, then the amount of steam needed for operation of turbine and its accessories. In common operating mode the station is on stand-by and waiting in so called “thermal reserve”. The by-pass station is equipped with reducer, which reduces the pressure to the stated range, and further with cooler reducing steam temperature before entering water-cooled condenser. It can happened (during the breakdown of cooling media supply) that the temperature of flowing steam behind the cooler will rise steeply for a short time and thus the pipes behind the cooler will by thermally loaded. The aim of the submission is to show, if and possibly how the impact of these thermal cycles influences material properties of output pipe of the by-pass station made of creep resistance C-Mn steel P235GH.