CRISTEA Lidia Romanian University of Science and Arts ''Gh.Cristea''

The non-ferrous metals and alloys suffered important changes during the last years in the industrial processes concerning the liquid state treatment before casting. The target in the management of the industrial process is to the melting process, alloying kinetic of nonferrous metals to increase the melting efficiency and diminution of energetic consumptions and metal losses. We have complex processes, physic-chemical phenomena at melting, alloying, refining and modification of metals and alloys and we need to choose a good method for macro and micro analyze started of the purer non-ferrous metal to the alloy. We define the analyze object and we must choose the analytical method and target a lot of factors like: the concentration field, the precision, the sensitivity, the selectivity and the rapidity. This paper presents the general aspects of the qualitative analyze of the cations and anions from the non-ferrous metals and alloys and also the aspects of the quantitative analyze .We described the gravymetrique, volumetrique, optical and electrical methods for micro technical analyzed.