AKBARZADEH Ebrahim Technical University of Catalunya

Spoluautoři FORN ALONSO Antonio

Aluminum carbon fiber composite are being extensively used as light-weight materials in automobile and aeronautical sectors owing to their excellent strength. Further, hypereutectic aluminum possess good tribological characteristics and low friction which coupled with short carbon fiber (Csf ) making them an ideal reinforcement to developing light weight material with good wear properties and high strength aluminum matrix composites. However, a few information is available regarding the tribological behavior of Csf reinforced metal matrix composites. This study focused on development of innovative method to make short carbon fiber composites by thixomixing route and assessing their tribological characteristics. The influences of the rotating speed, applied load and friction coefficient were discussed. The random oriented of short carbon fiber fabricated by specific mixer at semi-solid condition. Then, developed innovative composites were subjected to wear tests. A pin on disk is a common method was used with hardened steel as the counterpart. Load was varied from 20 N to 60 N while the sliding velocity was changed from 50 to 200 r/min. Worn surfaces before and after test and wear debris were characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results indicated that Csf/Al composite had better tribological properties than Al alloy.