ARLAZAROV Artem ArcelorMittal

Spoluautoři LUJAN BROLLO Gabriela

During the production of steel, annealing cycles are used to obtain the desired microstructure and mechanical properties for different material applications. The interest in improving the productivity of the annealing line leads to the use of high heating rates as a solution to decrease the process time. The influence of relatively high heating rates (100 – 300 °C/s) and low soaking times (5s) on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a cold rolled low carbon steel was studied. Annealing treatments with different heating rates were performed on a 0.15C – 1.2Mn (wt.%) steel in order to study recrystallization, austenite transformation and growth of ferrite and austenite. Impact of heating rate was also analysed in terms of mechanical properties: hardness and tensile tests were performed after different steps of annealing cycle. Influence of intermediate slow heating at high temperatures was also investigated.