KADLUBEK Marta Czestochowa University of Technology

The paper presents the identification of the distribution structure in the logistic system of an enterprise, while considering the analysis of distribution channels used in business practice and the analysis of the sphere of strategic assumptions for the distribution system. The area of empirical studies covered one of the Silesian metallurgical companies. Currently, in the market of metallurgical products being sold by the selected metallurgical enterprise there is a wide range of agents active. At the same time, the channels are set up rather incoherently and randomly; in particular, there are no clearly defined functions of individual links. Therefore, products are distributed ineffectively from the point of view of the customer, who not always knows which link he should use in order to satisfy his needs. On the basis of the analysis of literature data, interviews carried out in the enterprise, the examination of the enterprise's internal materials, as well as based on the available information on the metallurgical market and distribution processes, changes in the distribution channels are proposed in the paper. The principles of functioning of the distribution system in the selected business entity have also been identified, with particular regard to the possibilities in the area of distribution systems of the push and pull types. The proposed guidance for selecting distribution channels and functioning of the distribution system can be included in strategic decisions made in the enterprise and be reflected in achieved economic results.