GULIN Alexander Magnitogorsk State Technical University

Spoluautoři POLYAKOVA Marina, NIKITENKO Olga

The continuous method of wire deformation nanostructuring was developed on the basis of simultaneous applying of tension deformation by drawing, bending deformation when going through the system of rolls and torsional deformation on a continuously moving wire. One of the main advantages of the developed method is that various hardware devices and tools already applied for steel wire production can be used to implement this method thus simplifying its introduction to the current industrial equipment. The efficiency estimation of the developed continuous method of deformation nanostructuring was carried out using annealed wire made of high-carbon steel wire containing 0.75 % C. The measurement results make it possible to classify the obtained microstructure of the high carbon wire subjected to the continuous method of deformation nanostructuring as ultra-fine grain one. A number of experiments to determine the influence of these parameters on the structure and mechanical properties of high carbon wire were carried out. It was shown that the mechanical properties of the wire in the process of the developed method of continuous deformation nanostructuring can vary over a wide range. This method makes it possible to chose such modes of deformation nanostructuring, which can provide the necessary combination of strength and ductile properties of high carbon wire depending on its further processing modes and application.