HAJDUGA Maciej University of Bielsko-Biala

Spoluautoři HAJDUGA Marta, JEDRZEJCZYK Dariusz

Infections caused by bacteria or fungi is a serious health worldwide problem. In order to disinfect the inside of the ambulance very strong disinfectants are used - they can also promote the growth of fungi and increase the threat of infections induced by them. Furthermore these micro-organisms are becoming more resistant against applied agents. The publication presents firstly the results of research on fungi that were identified in the interior of the ambulance and medical vehicle type melex – corresponding swabs were collected and microorganisms occurring there were identified. In the next step the selected fungi were incubated on the surface of previously prepared samples. For research samples from aluminum sheet (two types), plastic (two types) and zinc coated samples (three types) were cut. Sample surface was earlier sandblasted and then coated with varnish (standard and anti-bacterial). The experiment enabled the comparison of the survival of the examined fungi on selected surfaces - coatings.