DLUGOŠ Ivan VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Spoluautoři SAMOLEJOVÁ Andrea

Competent, disciplined and loyal workers represent, in addition to a realistic and suitably elaborated business plan and the associated financial resources, technical and technological equipment, and logistic support, the basis of success, progress, development, and competitiveness of every single industrial company. One of the aims of both authors of this article was in particular to highlight the significant and irreplaceable role and the importance of competencies as one of the segments of the process of human resources management, necessary to define and identify the required abilities, knowledge, and skills related to the anticipated performance of specific work activities that have become the common language of workers in industrial companies. The second aim was to present the basic rules, the meaning and the content focus of the creation of competency models of companies, providing not only immediate instruments used to measure the efficiency and the innovation potential of workers holding a concrete work position, but especially long-term instruments regulating the development efforts and flexibility in the strategic direction of the company, while taking into account the hectically changing internal and external conditions in which companies in general exist and operate.