TSEMENKO Valeriy N. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Spoluautoři GANIN Sergey V.

The paper presents practical recommendations for the implementation of the process of obtaining of blanks out of a composite material with special radiation-protective properties on the basis of mechanically alloyed powders of aluminum – rare-earth metals system. The results of studies of the effect of process parameters of mechanical alloying on the structure and properties of the resulting powder compositions are shown. The analysis of the possibility of equal channel angular pressing for hard-compaction of mechanically alloyed aluminum-based compositions was carried out by methods of mathematical and physical modeling. The temperature range in which sealing is possible and subsequent treatment of plastic blanks, which structure corresponds to the structure of the material powder particles obtained by mechanical alloying, was defined. Virtually modeled and implemented rolling. The process of rolling plastic deformation, which allows to carry out a deformation of the layered material, while keeping the integrity of less plastic composite core was simulated and practically realized.