KODZHASPIROV Georgii St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Spoluautoři RUDSKOY Andrey

The influence of Temperature-Strain-Time parameters at the Thermomechanical Processing (TMP) of austenitic, duplex and pearlitic structural steels on the mesostructure formation has been studied based on the laboratory, industrial experiments and TEM analysis. The fragmented dislocation substructure observed in steels with a different carbon, nitrogen, titanium, niobium content as well as recrystallization gave evidence that TMP effects the work-hardening and softening behaviour. The problem of mesostructure appearing in various steels and alloys due to various modes of TMP used hot and hot-warm deformation is discussed. The role of plastic strain in the formation of mesostructure and the relation between the changes in the crystal structure due to TMP and the mechanical properties of the steels are considered.