Spoluautoři M.D. Hadid, S.Messaoudi , F. Dendouga , L. Bessais, F. Baira , M.Bayarassou, A.L. Helbert , M.H.Mathon and T. Baudin

In this research we studied the evolution of the microstructure of the two wires used in the manufacture of electric energy transportation. The first wire is an aluminum alloy of A 6101 type (or AGS) and the other is a pure copper (Cu-Ducab 98.33 %). The two wires are cold drawn in three passes (same deformation level) for a objective to make a comparative study and understand of the link with the mechanical and electrical properties, for the drawn state. In this study it was found an increase in hardness, mechanical strength and electrical resistivity of the two wires (copper / aluminum) withe the level of deformation by drawing.