Spoluautoři JĘDRZEJCZYK Dariusz, SZŁAPA Ilona, HAJDUGA Maciej

Paper presents the results of investigation regarding the influence of additional processing after oxy-acetylene cutting on the structure and corrosion resistance of the zinc coating. Research was focused on fittings for overhead power lines – a double eyes links type SLINK. Additional processing were used after oxy-acetylene cutting: softening annealing, grinding and electropolishing. Then, prepared materials were subjected to an abrasive blasting – steel shot GL40 and chemical treatment – pickling (hydrochloric acid) and fluxing (TIBFLUX60). The hot – dip Zn galvanizing process was conducted in industrial conditions. Parameters were fixed: temperature 457oC,dipping time 2,5min. It was found out that the hot-dip zinc coating on the softening annealing surface demonstrates the best corrosion resistance.